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Welcome to Burn Village

a community in Portugal shaped by Burning Man principles

current step: scouting for land


About the village

The Burn Village is a social experiment.
It is a community of communities, all which have adopted the values of Burning Man, and are experimenting in building a new kind of society. If we can prove that a society can prevail long-term living by those values, be successful, and meet the human needs better than the current “default” society, then we will then be in a position to spread those values and integrate them in the default world. It would be a revolution of growth. The Burn Village a container, an empty space where different communities come by. The binding thread among all the communities is their agreement to adopt the principles of the Burning Man, as well as the principles if the Burn Village itself, and practice them in “real” life, over extended periods of time.


We are currently scouting Portugal for a suitable land to host the village.
The land should be large enough to host several camps and a regional event (5 hectare or more), prefferably with water resources/bodies and building permits, as well as an option to purchase adjacent plots if needed in the future.
We'd apperciate assistance from experts in finding suitable plots and handling the legal process.

Next step: fundraising for land purchase.

Read the Manisfesto

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See the Plan

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How to Contribute

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Are you excited about our vision and want to be a part of this project?
We welcome any kid of involvement. Joinning the organizing team, supporting with an expert advice, joining the seed group that will work the land, starting a camp that will live in the village, donating money and other resources, initiating a project that is close to your heart in the village, spreading the word, or just staying tuned - all are valuable and appreciated.